Conference Scholarship

Apply for the 2018 NASALSA Scholarship!
We want to see you at our 20th Annual Conference in New York City! NASALSA will grant scholarships to help students with the cost of attendance. Scholarships may amount up to $300-400 each and may be used to cover travel and living expenses during the Conference. Scholarship recipients will be announced the week of June 4, 2018.
If you would like to apply, please submit a current resume and statement of interest detailing 1) Why you are interested in attending the NASALSA Conference, and 2) What expenses you anticipate to attend the Conference (airfare, hotel, train ticket, etc). Statements of interest should be limited to 500 words. 
Applications should be submitted to Roshni Advani, NASALSA President at by May 31, 2018. Only a certain number of scholarships are available and students are encouraged to seek other sources of funding to assist with the cost of attendance.


Please refer to our “Conference Volunteers” tab if you are interested in volunteering for the conference.